About Olive Gallagher

No little girl dreams of growing up to become an ethicist. In the fifties, maybe a ballerina or model. Today? Perhaps a doctor or company president. But an ethicist? Heavens no!

So how did Olive end up as one? For the complete story, the long-awaited book, “A Simple Path to The Good Life” ™, will finally be available in bookstores April 1, 2004. But for now, we can give you this short and simple version. To begin with, she spent the first half of her life, starting at the age of three, in one of the most unethical businesses in the world - show business.

In 1985, Olive made a major career decision and stopped recording and performing to become a full-time single parent. After searching long and hard for a way to transfer her expertise and talent in voice and performance to a new venture, she founded Personal Best,®Inc., a company initially designed to write speeches and train CEO’s to improve their presentation skills. Within months, however, it became very clear that the sessions, although successful, were really about dealing with credibility and intentions. Essentially, it was all about ethics. And power, control and fear. “How to say what you mean to get what you want.” ™

Based in Los Angeles, Olive was re-discovered by the media quickly all over again, this time not as a recording artist and ASCAP songwriter, but as a CEO. And when she went on Vivian Porter’s show on KEARTH-FM in 1986 and told corporate America to “clean up its motives,” the phones starting ringing off the hook. Her philosophy, focused on showing senior executives and professionals how to be more accountable to others and handle power more responsibly, struck a nerve with the general public, too.

And they haven’t stopped calling since. Everyday folks, students, kids, even grandmas, along with CEO’s and politicians, have asked Olive for help in dealing with the ever-growing stress, the lack of enough time, the unreasonable expectations of others, and the endless demands of a boundary-less, highly abusive, never-enough-time world.

Along with her featured speaking engagements, media appearances, and lectures to graduate students at prestigious universities such as UCLA, the Universities of San Francisco and Santa Clara, and Stanford University, Olive taught thousands of adults at The Learning Annex in Los Angeles for seven years. She has often credited this assignment with giving her an invaluable “living laboratory” of dedicated people who gave up their evenings for weeks at a time and worked courageously with her to try and learn how to take back control of their lives.

Today, Olive’s experience as a performer, writer, teacher, humanist and philosopher has been blended into a common-sense, compassionate, and often humorous approach to everyday universal issues and dilemmas we all face one time or another in our lives.

She has successfully distilled the esoteric, intellectual, dry subject of ethics into a simple, practical approach that can be readily applied to difficult conflicts and that ability has already enriched the lives of thousands.

So just ask. We’re confident she can help you, too.