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About the Company

Personal Best®, founded by Olive Gallagher in Los Angeles in 1985, was originally created to help senior executives improve their presentation and speaking skills. However the program, with its innovative and provocative ideas on everything from personal performance to leadership skills and the responsible use of power, quickly earned the company a reputation as a cutting-edge ethics organization producing remarkable bottom line impact and success for its participants.

Among its clients are CEO’s and executives of companies as diverse as Toyota, Avon, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Pacific Bell, Coldwell Banker, Patelco, IDG, PG&E, Tri Star Pictures, Gibraltar Savings, Executive Life Insurance and more recently, Western Athletic Clubs, The Golden Door and Canyon Ranch Spas.

In 1988, Personal Best became the producer of The Inner Bottom Line,® the first television series on ethics and family values in the USA. The show aired for over two years throughout the West to a viewing audience in excess of one million viewers a month. In 1997, The Inner Bottom Line®, was transformed into a weekly print column that went into syndication on the Internet in 2000 and earned an ever-widening circle of loyal readers.

In 2002, Personal Best moved its central offices to New Mexico while maintaining offices in Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Weekly new editions of The Inner Bottom Line appeared in first run every Sunday in The Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest daily newspaper in New Mexico until March, 2006.

In June 2007, Personal Best relocated its corporate office back to Los Angeles until 2013 when it moved again to Portland, Oregon.


About the CEO

No little girl dreams of growing up to become an ethicist. In the fifties, maybe a ballerina or nurse. Today? Perhaps a doctor or company president. But an ethicist? Heavens no! So how did Olive end up as one? To begin with, she spent the first half of her life, starting at three, in one of the most unethical businesses in the world - show business.

In 1985, after a successful thirty-year career as an actor, ASCAP composer, recording artist and studio and session talent, Olive made a major career decision. Finding herself a full-time single parent, she left performing and began searching for a way to transfer her expertise and talents to a new venture. She founded Personal Best® Inc., a company designed to write speeches and coach CEOs on presentation skills and within months it became clear that the sessions, while enormously successful, were based on credibility and intentions. Essentially, ethics. Values. Accountability. Honesty. And power, control and fear.

Based in Los Angeles, Olive was back in the media spotlight all over again, this time as a CEO. When she went on KEARTH-FM and told corporate America to “clean up its motives,” the phones started ringing off the hook.

Recognizing the critical link between top performance with accountability, the innovative philosophy she created from the beginning focused on showing executives how to achieve optimum performance while being more accountable to others and handle power responsibly.

Her ideas also struck a nerve with the general public, too. And over the years they haven’t stopped calling. Everyday folks, students, kids, even grandmas, along with CEOs and politicians, ask Olive for help with the high stress, lack of time, out-of control abuse, unreasonable expectations and inappropriate behavior along with the endless demands of a boundary-less world.

In 1988, Olive created, produced and hosted the award-winning The Inner Bottom Line, the first television series in the country on family values and Responsible Power™ and earned a viewing audience of over one million each month. In 1977, she transformed The Inner Bottom Line into a monthly print magazine column featured in a new Silicon Valley publication. Today, the column appears weekly in newspapers and on the Internet.

Along with speaking engagements, media appearances, and lectures to hundreds of organizations and corporations as well as graduate students at prestigious universities such as UCLA, Universities of San Francisco and Santa Clara, and Stanford University, Olive taught at The Learning Annex in Los Angeles for seven years. She often credits this assignment with giving her an invaluable “living laboratory” of thousands of earnest adults trying to take back control of their lives.

In recent years, Olive’s experience as the syndicated newspaper columnist of The Inner Bottom Line® as well as a dynamic keynote speaker, author, media personality, talk-show host, teacher, humanist, and philosopher, has been blended into a common-sense, compassionate, and often humorous approach to universal issues and dilemmas we all face everyday in our lives.

She has successfully demystified and distilled the esoteric, intellectual, dry, often boring, holier-than-thou subject of ethics into a simple, practical philosophy that can be readily applied to delivering your best even when you're at your worst and to making choices that are good for you while reducing the killer stress in your life without selling your soul. These simple ideas have already enriched the lives of tens of thousands of people.

The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life,™ published in 2004, offers the reader the same warm, humorous approach Olive has brought to the subject of ethics and accountability for the past twenty years. Skilled at asking the hard questions and helping people face the difficult answers, Olive has always approached each new challenge with a refreshing blend of patience, encouragement and compassion.

Her lectures to audiences as diverse as those at Canyon Ranch in Tucson or The Forum for Corporate Directors in California, have brought eager and relieved responses from people in all walks of like relief to Olive’s questions including her favorite one: “What price are you paying for the life you lead today.”

Olive unexpectedly found herself in 2004 in front of the cameras again, this time in roles in features films such as North Country (Warners), In From The Night (Hallmark), Astronaut Farmer (Warners), Trade (Lionsgate), In Plain Sight (NBC), and Sunshine Cleaning

In 2006, after the completion of her national book tour and a successful career as a professional lyricist, colunnist, author, senior marketing executive, CEO and Creative Director, Olive decided to turn her full attention back to her creative work.

After having been accepted into the Masters Program for Screenwriting at the presitgious American Film Institute Conservatory, Olive decided to move the corporate headquarters of Personal Best back to Los Angeles om June 2007.

“I guess I’ve never left being in front of the camera.  Whether playing a role myself, writing a role, or reflecting and listening to what others have to say about the challenges in playing out their own realities, it all comes down to dealing compassionately with complicated lives and emotions.”


About the VP of PR
Gloria Minarik joined Personal Best © in 2002, bringing with her over twenty years of marketing, communication, public relations and community development experience in both the public and private sectors.

Prior to joining Personal Best, Gloria was Vice President of Marketing of MizBiz.com, an internet start-up. As part of the core management team, Gloria had responsibility for the strategic planning, branding and positioning of the MizBiz.com website. She created the marketing strategy and developed national and local market channels.

Prior to her stint at MizBiz, Gloria spent ten years as Assistant District Director of Business Development with the United States Small Business Administration. She was responsible for marketing, public communications and community development throughout Northern California and managed all of the technical management programs for the SBA, which included four Service Corp of Retired Executives Chapters, nine Small Business Development Centers, four Women's Business Centers and the San Francisco SBA Entrepreneur Center. In addition to supporting the small business community at large, Gloria has dedicated most of her career to helping women business owners start and grow their businesses. In 2000, she was awarded the Silicon Valley Chapter National Association of Women Business Owners "Woman Advocate of the Year" Award.

Gloria and Olive first met in 1992 when Olive, as President-elect of the Professional BusinessWomen of California, invited Gloria to join her board as Vice President of Programs. Gloria served two years as VP of Programs and was then elected President for two consecutive terms.

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