"The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life"

“The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life” empowers you to make choices and decisions that are good for you. You’ll learn how you can take back control of your life and lessen the stress in a crazy, mixed-up world where up seems like down and wrong often parades as right.

We live in a tough world. Every day, we’re faced with frustrating and confusing situations, manipulative people with bad intentions, and examples of rudeness and disrespect. Dealing with a cheating spouse, handling an adolescent using drugs, surviving underhanded attacks by a co-worker determined to get you fired, or putting up with rude, inappropriate and unappreciative people in restaurants and stores. It’s hard to learn to say “no,” it’s harder to figure out where our boundaries are in a boundary-less world, and it’s often difficult to impossible to determine what to do, much less to do it.

“The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life” and its author, Olive Gallagher, take you on a warm, often humorous, and always personal journey that shows you how to determine not only what qualities and things you value most, what your own “Inner Bottom Line” is made of, and where it’s located, but also helps you get really comfortable and clear about exercising the power and control you possess in any situation.

“The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life” illustrates four easy steps for you to follow while making any choice or decision:

Step One........Sort out and identify the real issue.
Step Two.......Clarify what values are at stake and what you want                         and deserve to have.
Step Three.....Determine what values are not negotiable and                                respect and trust your boundaries...no matter what.
Step Four.......Be accountable for the decision you make and its                            impact on others.

Once you know what you’re made of, what values of yours are not negotiable, and what you’re willing and able to be accountable for, you’ll discover that choosing relationships, making choices and accomplishing goals becomes not only more possible and less stressful but also much more enjoyable and satisfying.

“The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life” appeals to anyone of any age. It makes a great gift for any special occasion like Mothers Day, Fathers, Day, your grandmother’s birthday, your dearest friend’s anniversary, or even the about-to-be graduate or newlyweds. And it’s always the “perfect gift from the heart” - just because.

“The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life” will help you enhance and enjoy any relationship in your life, including those with your family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and of course, the most important one of all, the one you have with yourself.