Can You Believe it?™

All across the USA, from small burgs to large metropolises, there are statues and esoteric laws that express the use of often-absurd rationale and control, and, in some cases, even hatreds and prejudices.

So we continue to dig 'em up. Here are some of the latest ones to make it into our spotlight!

Did You Know That...

…in Houston, Texas, you are subject to a fine if you do not put your trash bin away by 10 PM on the day it’s collected?????

Or That…

…in Ohio, it is illegal to fish for whales on Sunday!!!
[ Fortunately, this doesn't impact the whales much as Ohio is land-locked and the only whales that can be found in the state are - safe, we hope - in large aquariums. ]

Ed Note:
Whenever we’re confronted with someone who’s narrow, biased, or even abusive in their rationale, behavior or thinking, it’d difficult not to be offended, insulted or repulsed. However, it helps a bit to remember that these attitudes were learned by this poor-woe-begotten soul from the words or deeds of someone else.

In fact, perpetrators of abusive and violence are, in most cases, victims of abuse themselves, usually in their childhood. This sad statistic doesn’t excuse or condone their behavior. But it can serve to help us more easily find a compassionate place in our own hearts to understand the pain and anger they must have once experienced that led them to act out in such hurtful ways.