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2005 is swiftly approaching with conferences and corporate retreats in final planning or in place. However, there is one thing that you can still easily add to your agenda. A gift that everyone in your organization at any level will benefit from receiving. A copy of a new, small book that is having a big and positive effect on people's lives everywhere.

After twenty years as a respected pioneer and keynote speaker on ethics and Responsible Power™, it is no surprise that Olive Gallagher's new book, "The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life"™, is having a profound impact with its universal, simple and accessible message about personal choices and accountability.

Amidst the pressure and responsibility to come up with fresh ideas to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism and instill lasting loyalty and enthusiasm in the work force, Ms. Gallagher's new book can be the solution for her work goes directly to the bottom line.

It offers your company the complete turn-key solution since it comes complete with its theories already adapted to practical applications and a separate full-sized workbook as well as a compelling, dynamic keynote speaker and lecturer.

Olive founded Personal Best in Los Angeles in 1985, with clients ranging from Toyota, Gibraltar Savings, Avon, Proctor & Gamble, PG&E, Pacific Bell, to IBM, Executive Life, Tri Star Pictures, and IDG. She's worked with thousands of executive leaders and HR Directors as well as countless numbers from the employee ranks of companies both large and small.

Now, the work that Olive delivered in those training sessions and speeches can be found in this conversational and practical book that comes complete with its own worksheets.

As Olive simply states it, "Ultimately we all have the same problems and hopes, for everything comes down to making personal choices that are good for us and then being accountable for those choices."

"The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life" is a handbook, a guide, to surviving the world without selling your soul.

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