Ethicist in the Board Room

According to a recent article from the Corporate Directors Forum: "Business as usual" is over. Today, every company, giant and small, is under intense public scrutiny to not only prove to the public that their "hands are really clean," but also to illustrate that they're conducting business with accountability and integrity.

Following on the heels of the more recent Enron and Tyco scandals, the corporate report card for performance and credibility hasn't earned high marks. Even companies who are earnestly trying to "do good" must now work doubly hard to regain both profits and reputation.

As a pioneer in ethics and Responsible Power™ since 1985 and the author of the recently released book, "The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life,"™ Ms. Gallagher's work goes directly to the bottom line.

Having worked independently as a consultant to senior executives for more than twenty years, Olive is now available to her retained clients as their own ethicist in the board room whenever tough bottom line decisions, PR disasters or crises loom. Having earned a reputation for posing the hard questions, she can provide fresh, objective, long-term perspectives on issues as diverse as executive compensation, product liability, environmental accountability or non-compliant customer service.

In today's fierce, global economy, can you afford anything less?

The ROI from having Olive Gallagher in your corner is more than compelling. And the positive impact alone on your company's public relations message and image can be priceless. Just having her "in the room" is evidence of your commitment and willingness to uphold the highest stands of excellence and integrity.

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