Ethics Today™ & You

There are only four ethical values:
honesty, fairness, respect and integrity.

Do you think honesty and truth the same?

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The Bottom Line: we lie best to ourselves. We’re very, very clever at rationalizing away things we do or think when we know we’re not honoring the best part of our selves – or in other terms, when we aren’t doing “the right thing.”

The Inner Bottom Line™: ask yourself these three questions whenever you feel manipulated, compromised, out of control or uncomfortable with what’s happening, being said or asked of you:

Who’s in control?
What’s at stake?
What price are you paying for the life you lead today? ©

It’s plain and it’s simple. While each of us is born with the same values, what we choose to do with them and whether or not we decide to include them in every decision we make determines the outcomes of our lives. Every day confronts us with situations that test our willingness to honor our values and offer us endless opportunities to discover just how far and how deep we’re willing to go to include them in our choices.

Why, then, are some of us able to walk the inner bottom line while others constantly fall off to the side?

How do you know when you’re faced with a choice that counts? What happens to you? How do you feel? And what do you tell yourself?

We want to know what you think.

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