Are you exhausted from searching for happiness?

… here is an excerpt on the search for happiness from “The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life.” ™

A Rising Moon Press Publication.

Chapter Two, Three Little Words p.26
Self-trust, like self-respect, rests upon clarity. Sorting out what and why something has upset or bothered you so much that you can’t stand it any more brings clarity. Identifying options, such as living with it, fixing or changing it, or clearing it off your plate, whatever the cost, brings clarity. Once you have that, you can assess what portion of responsibility you own for the situation as well as the outcome.

And the Price Is?
So let’s deal with the first hard question. What price are you paying for the life you lead today?

If you think you’re not paying any price at all for anything, and that everything is perfectly balanced and nothing ever seems to upset, stress or bother you, you’re either on a very heavy dose of medication (in which case, you need to re-think how you’re managing your life) or you’ve found the secret to permanent, total peace of mind and need to telephone me immediately so we can write a new book together.

Chances are, if you’re a normal, doing-the-best-you-can person like me, you do pay some kind of price from time to time. So, fess up. When you do have to pay, do you know exactly how much and why? Do you know how to tell yourself the truth when the price gets too high for the benefits?

… an additional note from Olive on the concept of happiness...
In the end, what we find is that there is no permanent state of “happiness.” It’s not s
omething that, once you “find” it, you’ve got it.

Life becomes, rather, filled with those often seemingly insignificant “it doesn’t get better than this” moments. If your Inner Bottom Line is intact and you’ve become clear about who you are and what values truly matter most to you, you’ll be able to recognize these moments whenever they occur and discover that true happiness lies in serenity, clarity and contentment.

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