The Inner Bottom Line ®

Skilled at getting right down to the bone of issue and helping people of all ages make decisions and solve problems, Olive is perhaps best known for asking one simple question?

“What price are you paying for the life you lead today?”

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Dear Readers,

As 2006 comes to an end and 2007 looms with critical issues that can no longer be petulantly ignored by our arrogant leadership, I want to extend heartfelt thanks of gratitude for your ongoing support and offer warm wishes for a healthy holiday season and new year.


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Olive’s been asked pretty much everything! From what to do about food being stolen from the office refrigerator to dealing with sexual harassment from a major contributor to the campaign funds. She’s problem-solved with grandmothers who don’t know what to do about quarreling relatives and advised teenagers on surviving the class bully. And she’s helped lovers sort through trust issues in relationships and executives deal with the stresses of power and control.

Olive’s weekly column, “The Inner Bottom Line”
® , on ethical dilemmas & personal choices that debuted in California in 1997 and became syndicated online in 2000, is currently featured in first run in the Sunday addition of The Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest publication in New Mexico.

Based on the first-of-its-kind, award-winning television series on ethics in the USA that debuted in Los Angeles in 1988, “The Inner Bottom Line” offers Q&A as well as editorial comments on universal ethical issues and conflicts. Olive’s compassion and warmth, along with her humorous outlook and common sense approach to dealing with the madness in a world whirling slightly off-tilt has helped hundreds of readers resolve ethical dilemmas and learn to make better choices for themselves.

Olive’s style, while always direct, is also encouraging, concerned, practical and supportive. She doesn’t respect or condone those professionals who offer advice laced with insults and deprecation, believing that their approach is abusive and stifling to the human spirit.

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