No: 01-PB-07  Contact: Melissa Winston


                  Ethics Company Returns to West Coast

                    Personal Best® relocates its main

                 corporate office back to Southern California.


Santa Fe NM………………………………. Olive Gallagher, founder and CEO of Personal Best® and author of "The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life"™ has just announced her decision to relocate the main corporate offices of the company back to Los Angeles by early summer, 2007.

Gallagher started the firm in Los Angeles in 1985 after a productive and long performance career in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer and ASCAP songwriter.  She has now decided to return full time to her creative career.

While she has spent the bulk of the past twenty years focused on her lectures, media appearances and writing, she found herself once again in 2004, in the midst of her national book tour for "The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life,"™ back in front of the cameras.

This time, however, it was as an actor in feature films.  In the past three years she has appeared in North Country (Warners), In From The Night (Hallmark), Astronaut Farmer (Warners), Trade (Lionsgate), In Plain Sight (NBC), and Sunshine Cleaning

She also appeared in the female principal role of Wanda McCray in “A Piece of Pie” that won raves and the Governors Cup Award at the Santa Fe Film Festival in December 2006.  The film also was awarded Best Short Film at the Los Angeles International Film Festival in February 2007.

“I guess I’ve never left being in front of the camera.  Whether playing a role myself, writing a role, or reflecting and listening to what others have to say  about the challenges in playing out their own realities, it all comes down to dealing compassionately with complicated lives and emotions.”

After founding her first companies, Morning Glory Productions, a record production company and Lorry Music CO. (ASCAP), a music publishing firm, she went on to establish Personal Best and its highly successful creative services division, Creative Infusion, and began an innovative career as a consultant and lecturer on ethical choice and accountability.

Never one to avoid the hard questions, Gallagher went on KEARTH-FM with Vivian Porter in 1986 and told corporate America to “clean up its motives.”  Way ahead of the curve with her philosophy even then and prior to the Keating and Milliken scandals, Olive has continued for more than twenty years to ask the tough questions and offer common-sense solutions about everyday problems with which we all wrestle.

In 1988, she produced, created and hosted the award-winning and first television show on family values and ethics in the USA, The Inner Bottom Line.®

The Inner Bottom Line
went on to become a magazine column in 1997, became syndicated in 2000 and eventually became a weekly newspaper column that ran until March 2006.

Gallagher’s recent book, The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to the Good Life, offers a conversational, anecdotal roadmap and philosophy to simplifying choices that lead to an ethical life that is truly good, satisfying and healthy for us rather than the addictive and endless pursuit of the “good” life dominated by restlessness, rudeness, stress, greed, arrogance, lack of boundaries and the blatant use of irresponsible power. 

“In our contemporary culture,” Gallagher suggests, “replete with countless examples of unethical, criminal and irresponsible behavior such as the Enron scandal and the WMD lies that led us to war, every-day people who write to me for support and direction are frustrated and hungry for a different way to make choices and feel in control of their lives again.”

She continues, “Our world is in a sorry state. Who do we have right now to look up to and emulate?  What do we tell our children?  At the end of your life, what do you want to look back upon?  What do you want to count for… in the end?”


For more information on Ms. Gallagher's writings or her availability to speak to your company, please contact, contact Personal Best at 505-577-2650 or visit the website at www.theinnerbottomline.com.