No. 01-PB-18 Contact: Julia Botts

Olive Gallagher, CEO of Personal Best®, Announces Co-Sponsorship of Wilsonvile Chamber Morning Spark Event



Wilsonville, OR……………………Olive Gallagher announced today that Personal Best® and The Inner Bottom Line® will co-sponsor a Wilsonvile Chamber morning networking event on Wednesday morning, from 7:30 - 9 AM, on September 19, 2018.

“Morning Spark events in Wilsonville are very special," Gallagher explained. "The leadership of the Chamber of Commerce here is outstanding, and I can say that from experience, having participated over the years in Chambers in every city and suburb I have lived, including Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach, Menlo Park and San Francisco."

Personal Best will be co-sponsoring the event with fellow Chamber member, Brad Kleiner, President of  Sandler Training, a sales training organization.  The event will be held at Sandler's offices located in Suite 260 at 29100 SW Town Center Loop in Wilsonville. 


The Chamber's Morning Spark events are generally attended by thirty to sixty Chamber members several times a month. 

“While it's customary for everyone in attendance to have a brief moment to introduce themselves and provide a tagline that describes their business or service, the hosts are given the opportunity to provide the attendees with a much more in-depth insight into their business, ” Gallagher added.

"I'm a big believer in showing, not telling. So with that in mind, I have a little fun exercise planned that I hope will help my fellow Chamber members experience the work I do as a management consultant and ethicist with my clients, either C-level executives focused on communication, leadership or productivity issues, or folks in private sessions, more often focused on personal relationships and issues.

Gallagher continued, "It's easy to get confused by the ethicist label, so I plan to provide everyone with a tiny taste of the work, rather than have me just talk about it."

Gallagher has spent her entire career, regardless of title or position, harnessing language and intention to move, compel, excite, encourage, support and challenge others. Clients have described Olive as an accomplished professional who encouraged them to think, question, feel, change, act and ultimately, grow rather than languish, settle, complain or just remain "stuck in stasis."

And over the years, since 1985, companies as diverse as PG&E, Gallo, Canyon Ranch Spas, Lucent, AOL, disney,com Toyota, IDG and IBM, to name just a few, have benefited from Olive's unique philosophy that's displayed in the content found in her syndicated columns as well as her empowering, fresh perspective and approach to life, choices, relationships, communication, customer experience, Responsible Power™ and leadership found in her book,“The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life™,published in 2004. 

Olive's speeches, lectures, seminars and consultations have helped countless audiences and private clients rethink, re-shape, re-form and re-imagine their lives for which they were, in her words, "paying too high a price." 

Known to speak truth to power, a quality much-needed in today's culture, Olive always tries to keep it simple and relatable. "We make thousands of choices everyday.  And every choice has a price. So, tell me, what price are you paying for the life you lead today?" 

Today, after a prolonged recovery from a spinal injury, Olive has gratefully returned to her keynote speaking engagements and corporate consutling assignments. She also sees clients in her private practice by appointment only. 

For more information, please call (323) 836-5604 or email Olive at