No. 01-PB-09 Contact: Julia Botts

Personal Best® Relocates

to Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica CA……………………………….Olive Gallagher, Founder and CEO of the ethics consultancy, announced the relocation of its main corporate office to Santa Monica, CA as of August 1, 2009.


“I founded Personal Best in 1985 while I was still living in Pacific Palisades, a small village just north of Santa Monica. I still consider it my West Coast home. I always knew, without a doubt,” Gallagher explained, “that after so many wonderful years living all over the Bay Area and then moving to New Mexico to write my book and column, that Personal Best would return to Los Angeles where it all began."


Gallagher, a 2009 Screenwriting Fellow who recently graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory, is also the syndicated columnist of The Inner Bottom Line® and the author of The Nude Ethicist: A Simple Path to The Good Life.™


"Now that the book is written and twenty-five years of client and corporate work has been done, the Personal Best philosophy has evolved into a simple, compact, accessible process that reduces stress, improves the quality of work and life, and clarifies even the most troubling, frustrating conflicts and ethical dilemmas.


Gallagher explains, "When you know what your values are, making good choices for yourself becomes easy.  That's not to say, there isn't a price for every choice we make. But it's easier to be straight with yourself as well as with others about why and what you've decided to do when you've set boundaries that respect your core values. And you can't do that if you don't know what they are.


Chances are, the things you valued when you were fifteen, or even twenty-five, aren't the same or become non-negotiable now that you're in your forties," Gallahger continues. "Updating your personal inventory so that you're always "Playing With a Full Deck" is essential to making good choices that honor who you are and what you stand for - at home, in your relationships, and in the work place."


"The Inner Bottom Line" lectures and programs prompt fascinating discussions and results by posing one seemingly simple question: "What price are you paying for the life you lead today?"


Gallagher concludes, "Only when you can answer that question can you can fully take responsibility for the outcome of your life."


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