September 1 , 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
No. 03-PB-09 Contact: Julia Botts

Gallagher Graduates from AFI

Santa Monica CA……………………………….Olive Gallagher, graduated today with an MFA in Screenwriting from the prestigious AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles, CA.

While she participated in the exciting commencement ceremonies held on the AFI campus on June 10, 2009, she and her fellow 2009 screenwriters did not officially graduate until today.

Gallagher added, "It's like getting two birthdays in one year.  We get to celebrate all over again, and even now, one last thing to do. All the heard work, the endless rewrites, have all ben aimed to prepare us to present out work, so we're busy preparing for the exciting industry "pitch fest" which will take place on October 8th. That evening, we'll be given the chance lto pitch our chosen feature to eight or ten industry decision-makers."

When asked why she chose to reinvent her already successful writing careers as a songwriter, then a marketing/advertising creative, an author and a syndicated columnist, Gallagher continued, "When my acting career suddenly ignited again in 2004, and I found myself cast in a feature film, I found myself back on a set for the first time in more than ten years.

That's when magic struck. Again.

Within minutes, I realized I had come home again.  To be in a studio or on a set or stage is the most natural place in the world for me. It was at that moment that I knew it was finaly time to return full-tilt to the world of entertainment where I had spent the first forty years of my life.

The fact that I’ve added screenwriting to my creative arsenal has not been a surprise to anyone who’s known me or my work throughout the years.

I'm very grateful that AFI chose to give me the opportunity to earn my MFA and learn from so many extraordinary, working screenwriters on the faculty.  It is an honor to be an alumni of this institution."

Gallagher readily acknowledges that the craft of screenwriting is one of the most difficult and challenging forms of writing she has ever encountered in her multi-track career.

“I’ve always been a story-teller, a linguist, an explorer and user of words.  Writing a song is merely telling an entire story in 32 measures.  Advertising and branding? Even fewer: The best tag lines are often two, maybe four or five words.  Yet if chosen brilliantly, they can summon layers of emotions. 

But screenwriting? It uses words to paint visual pictures. It's sparse yet complex, demanding yet when done really well, appears effortless, as if each scene, each line of dialogue, is true and right.

To be excited and challenged again and again is what keeps us young and vital and fresh. I never plan to stop."

Here is a listing of Gallagher's current projects:

BLAME IT ON MY YOUTH (Romantic Comedy)

When a repressed, almost-forty-year-old geneticist’s new anti-aging drug hits a snag six weeks before its release, she decides the only quick solution is to test it herself: the good news is she regains her figure, sex drive, and the ardent attentions of a new man; the bad news is she loses her maturity, judgment, and self-control. Or, maybe not such bad news?

PROVENANCE (Mystery/Romance)

An American woman and a Frenchman, whose teenage summer romance was abruptly severed by their parents 23 years ago, meet by chance in Paris and fall in love again. Very quickly they realize that a happy future together is impossible until they solve the mystery surrounding a Rembrandt that links his father’s questionable Nazi past and her grandfather’s death in Auschwitz.

MOONLIGHT MAN (Romance/Drama)

A romantic drama set in small town Pennsylvania in 1954 about a girl who falls in love with a young artist-vagabond. When he returns ten years later, her controlling father tries to kill him to stop him from marrying her, and she is forced to dig deep to find the strength and determination to fight for the man she loves.

HAPPILY EVER AFTERS (One Hour Series Pilot/Dramedy)

The adventures and mishaps of a commitment-phobic, 34-year-old woman who lives in a cottage in Santa Monica and makes wedding dresses and dreams come true for everyone but herself.



Quarter-Finalist, CineStory Screenplay Competition, 2009

BEST FRIENDS (5-minute short)

Winner, Filmanthropy Scholarship, 2008


For more information about Olive Gallagher's current film and television projects, call 323-836-5604 or click on any of the links on this site to send an email.