No. 010-PB-97 Contact: Melissa Watson

Innovative Ethics Column Targets West Coast Audience
Popular Ethics Expert Featured in Bay Area Magazine.

SAN FRANCISCO, California……Olive Gallagher, a respected pioneer in ethical communications and personal accountability since 1985, has announced that her column on personal choices and ethical dilemmas, "The Inner Bottom Line"®, has begun running as a feature in Marcom Choices, a Silicon Valley magazine for communication, advertising, public relations and marketing professionals.

The column, based on the same-titled, award-winning television series on ethics and personal responsibility that Gallagher first created, produced and hosted in Los Angeles in 1988, was introduced in the September issue. The Q&A format of the column will give Gallagher the opportunity to bring her intimate, honest and compassionate viewpoint to an ongoing dialog with readers in the Bay Area.

Gallagher, an in-demand media guest in California for the past fifteen years, is well known to Bay Area corporations and audiences for her thought-provoking and innovative ideas and lectures on Responsible Power™ and personal accountability. She has lectured to Pacific Bell, PG&E, Patelco, & P&G, and spoken at many forums including the prestigious Commonwealth Club.

Marcom Choices, racking up explosive circulation numbers for the past few months, is now being read by thousands of marketing, advertising and public relations professionals throughout the West Coast. The publishers believe the addition of this innovative and unique column along with Gallagher's reputation as a highly skilled ethicist and writer will bring general as well as professional appeal to their distribution demographics.

In his introduction of Gallagher's column, Doug Davolt, Editor, wrote: "This month we begin a new feature as an interactive, thought-provoking dialog on the ethical considerations of our daily business lives. It is the brainchild of quite an amazing woman, Olive Gallagher. The monthly feature sets the premise for what we hope will become a "must-read" section of Marcom Choices."

Gallagher, an accomplished author, spokesperson, musician and marketing executive, has been a frequent media guest and host, appearing on CBS, ABC, CNN, and NBC as well as many regional television and radio shows. Her articles on "Responsible Power"™ have been featured in Entrepreneur and Manage. She has been a frequent featured speaker for national conferences, organizations and corporations ranging from Toyota and the California Association of Realtors to the Governor's Conferences of California, the Department of Labor and the National Association of Senior Living Industries.

Prior to turning her focus to the field of ethics and becoming the founder and CEO of Los-Angeles-based Personal Best ®, Gallagher had a thirty-five year performance career as a recording artist, ASCAP composer, producer and writer. She also served as President of her own publishing and production companies, Lorry Music Co. (ASCAP) and Morning Glory Productions, Inc.

In September 1996, Gallagher suffered a severe spinal injury from a fall that required her to abruptly terminate all of her appearances and corporate obligations for more than a year. The column’s publication will permit her to continue her rehabilitation in California while successful transitioning back into a busy public schedule. When asked about her progress, Gallagher, upbeat despite the recent adversities, commented, “Despite occasional setbacks, I’m determined to return to my full-time schedule - on my feet - and smiling.”

For more information on Ms. Gallagher's column or her availability to speak to your company, please contact 650-361-1171.