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Pioneer in Ethics and Personal Accountability Completes New Book " A Simple Path to the Good Life"™

Santa Fe NM………………………………Author and syndicated columnist Olive Gallagher has her long-awaited book on The Inner bottom Line entitled "A Simple Path to the Good Life". A pioneer in ethics and personal accountability, Ms. Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Personal Best®.

A Simple Path to the Good Life" offers a roadmap to leading an ethical life. In our contemporary culture, replete with countless examples of unethical, criminal and irresponsible behavior, there is a deep hunger in people everywhere to find a different way to make choices and feel in control again of their lives. In "A Simple Path to the Good Life" Olive directs, inspires and encourages the reader to discover, define and honor their own Inner Bottom Line and to use their power more responsibly.

Since 1985, Olive has spoken to and worked with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The content of her speeches has elicited a universal response that reflects a need among people across the board to find a way to live a more ethical and satisfying life and to make better choices in a crazy, chaotic 24/7 world. These audiences represent a cross-section of our society from CEO's to teenagers, grandmothers to professionals with similar needs not defined by salaries, status or position but rather by relationships, boundaries and choices.

Gallagher explains, "It all comes down to a few basic premises. We all possess the same four ethical values of honesty, integrity fairness and respect. We all make choices every minute of every day. The value and quality of our lives is determined by the choices we make and whether or not we choose to include out ethics in those choices."

Complete with life stories and worksheets, "A Simple Path to the Good Life" is written as a conversational, anecdotal guide offering everyday people who are wrestling with personal choices and ethical dilemmas an original, fresh perspective on personal ethics, values, choices and accountability.

Personal Best, founded in 1985 in Los Angeles, was originally created to train senior executive how to improve their presentation and speaking skills. However the program, with it's innovative and provocative ideas on everything from personal performance to leaderships skills and the responsible use of power, quickly earned the company a reputation as a cutting-edge ethics organization producing remarkable bottom line impact and success to its participants. In 1988, Personal Bestฎ became the producer of the first television series on ethics in the USA, "The Inner Bottom Line."™ The show aired for over two years throughout the West to a viewing audience in excess of one million viewers a month. In 1997, "The Inner Bottom Line"™ was transformed into a weekly print column that continues to grow an ever-widening circle of loyal readers and today can be found in first run every Sunday in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper.

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