No. 026-PB-01 Contact: Julia Botts

CEO Announces™ Board of Advisors
Personal Best® Forms New Entity

SAN FRANCISCO, California……Olive Gallagher, a respected pioneer in ethical communications and personal responsibility and CEO of Personal Best®, announced the formation of a prestigious Board of Advisors to assist her in the development of two new educational entities of Personal Best,™ and™, a non-profit division. Gallagher, who has been in rehabilitation following a severe spinal injury suffered in 1996, announced her return to a nearly full schedule today with this news.

Personal Best, founded by Gallagher in Los Angeles in 1985, in one of the innovative leaders in the US in the field of personal ethics and accountability. The company has delivered lectures and speeches to numerous Fortune 1000 companies such as Toyota, IBM, IDG, Coldwell Banker, P&G, Pacific Bell, and PG&E, Avon, Tri Star Pictures, Patelco, Rockwell International and Executive Life Insurance.

“The recent events of September 11th, along with the heart-rending response to my column on the issues surrounding that event, compelled me to reach out to extraordinarily talented and experienced colleagues in an attempt to try and do more – much more,” Gallagher commented. “Harnessing the power of the web with good rather than manipulative intentions is just one of the ways we can try to reach an even larger audience. The EthicsToday divisions will attempt to do just that.”

The founding Board members are Steven Cleere, Director of Client Services for Trade Marketing Inc., a San Francisco market research firm; Diane Cassel, senior executive recruiter from Dallas, TX; Ron Berman, well-known and highly respected advertising guru in Bay Area circles and former Creative Director at Foote, Cone & Belding; Frederick Parrella, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Santa Clara; Jaime Aguinaldo, President and founder of, a cutting-edge web marketing and design firm; Gloria Minarik, VP of Marketing for and former Assistant District Director of Business Development with the United States Small Business Administration; Martha Bredon, Principal of her Bay Area public relations firm; Frances LaRose, LaRose Public Relations; Lenore Tuttle-Wilkas, an expert in e-commerce marketing & advertising; Rick Zanardi, Program Director, KCSM, TV; and Barry Friedman, Los Angeles-based attorney and principal of Friedman, Heller & Enriquez, LLP.

When queried as to the purpose of the new Board, Gallagher responded, “Our mission is to strengthen and increase the understanding of personal ethics and choices. With the horrific crossing and blurring of boundaries in recent events, millions of people have lost their external and internal sense of controllable boundaries and security – something Americans have always taken for granted within the borders of our country.”

When pressed, Gallagher went on to say, “We want to create an educational forum that will set better examples for children, raise awareness of appropriate boundaries and the subversive role of abuse in our daily lives, develop and encourage more personal accountability, and research and publish cogent topics and issues.”

A creative brief, currently being completed, will include detailed outlines for the new website features as well as a proposed format for a new television show presently entitled, “Drawing the Line.”™ In 1988, Gallagher created, produced and hosted the Los Angeles-based, award-wining “The Inner Bottom Line”™, the first television series on ethics in the USA.

The Board is slated to convene again on April 18, 2001 in San Francisco.

For more information, please contact 650-712-8031.