No. 035-PB-02 Contact: Gloria Minarik

Ethics Company Launches Innovative Website
Personal Best® Re-Introduces “The Inner Bottom Line”™ to Cyberspace

SANTA FE, New Mexico……A spokesperson for Olive Gallagher, CEO of Personal Best® and respected pioneer in ethical communications and personal responsibility since 1985, announced today that the new website for the company has been launched at

The website features Gallagher’s popular syndicated column, "The Inner Bottom Line"™, that became available on the web at in 2000. It also offers a number of new, innovative features that deal with topics that range from "EthicsToday & You," an area offering common sense insights into ethical values and perceptions to "You Want to Know WHAT?", a section devoted to answering questions from kids and carrying the warning "NOT appropriate for anyone over eighteen without parental approval.”

There’s also “D.C. Chestnuts” that takes some fair-game potshots at decisions or issues presented to or thrust upon us by our capitol’s leaders, and the “Foot In Mouth” Spotlight section that takes caustic aim at the worst examples of abusive, destructive or offensive creative projects on the market, ranging from advertising to film.

The site is designed to invite interactive feedback and suggestions and seeks to offer the same kind of simple, accessible every day common sense answers to difficult questions that Gallagher has become know for in her speeches and writing.

Gallagher explained, “This website is been a long time in the making and we consider this just a beginning of where we plan to take it. Just like the subject of ethics itself, considered by many to be a dry, intellectual and passive subject who’s mere mention often makes eyes glaze over, the web site reflects the approach we’ve used for seventeen years that’s produced some wonderful and exciting results for our clients. The work is about simplifying and distilling ethics into a universal, every day workable concept and learning how to set appropriate boundaries, treat oneself with more respect and take back control on one’s life.”

Along with the column, Gallagher will be returning to a busy schedule of Personal Best® lectures, speeches and media appearances throughout the country. The company also works with individuals by appointment only.
For more information, please contact 323-836-5604 or visit the new website at