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Rising Moon Press Announces Publication of " A Simple Path to The Good Life"™, the New Book by Ethics Pioneer Olive Gallagher

Santa Fe NM……………………………… Rising Moon Press announced the publication "A Simple Path to The Good Life" by author and syndicated columnist Olive Gallagher. The book, distributed by Greenleaf Book Group, will be available at all major bookstores stores including Borders, Barnes & Noble and beginning April 1, 2004. A pioneer in ethics and personal accountability, Ms. Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Personal Best® who writes the popular column, “The Inner Bottom Line.”™

"A Simple Path to the Good Life" offers a roadmap to leading an ethical life that is truly good for us rather than the pursuit of the “good” life dominated by restlessness, stress, greed, arrogance and the blatant use of irresponsible power.

“ In our contemporary culture,” Gallagher states, “replete with countless examples of unethical, criminal and irresponsible behavior such as the Enron scandal and the conviction of Martha Stewart, the every-day people who write to me for support and direction are frustrated and hungry for a different way to make choices and feel in control of their lives again.”

In "A Simple Path to the Good Life" Olive directs, inspires and encourages the reader to discover, define and honor their own Inner Bottom Line and to use their power more responsibly. Complete with life stories and worksheets, "A Simple Path to the Good Life" offers an accessible, warm and practical approach to making responsible decisions with less stress and greater clarity.

Gallagher explains, "We have choices every moment of our life. It is the choices we make and our accountability for the impact they have on the world around us that determines the value and quality of our lives.”

Since 1985, Olive has spoken to and worked with people who represent a cross-section of our society from CEO's to teenagers, grandmothers to professionals with similar needs not defined by salaries, status or position but rather by relationships, boundaries and choices. Her comments elicit a universal response that reflects a need among people across the board to find a way to live a more ethical and satisfying life and to make better choices in a crazy, chaotic 24/7 world.

Olive founded Personal Best in 1985 in Los Angeles. In 1988, Olive created, produced and hosted the first television series on ethics in the USA, "The Inner Bottom Line."™ In 1997, "The Inner Bottom Line"™ was transformed into a weekly print column that continues to grow an ever-widening circle of loyal readers and today can be found in first run every Sunday in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper.

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