No: 001-PB-03 Contact: Gloria Minarik


Santa Fe, NM……………………………The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper will host a special breakfast on April 24, 2003 at the Hotel Santa Fe to introduce one of their new and exciting syndicated columnists, Olive Gallagher, to the Santa Fe community. Ms. Gallagher, CEO of Personal Best and author of "The Inner Bottom Line" is a respected pioneer in ethics and personal accountability. Personal Best, founded by Olive in Los Angeles in 1985, was originally created to help senior executives improve their speaking and presentation skills. However the program, with it's innovative and provocative ideas on everything from personal performance to leadership skills and the responsible use of power, quickly earned the company a reputation as a cutting-edge ethics organization producing remarkable bottom line impact and success for its participants.

In 1988, Personal Best sponsored the first television series on ethics in the USA, "The Inner Bottom Line." This award-winning show, with Gallagher producing, hosting and writing, aired for over two years throughout the West to a viewing audience in excess of one million viewers a month. In 1997, "The Inner Bottom Line" was transformed into a weekly print column in California that attracted an ever-widening circle of loyal readers and debuted in the Santa Fe New Mexican, the oldest newspaper in the state, in December, 2002, earning an even larger following. "We have had such a positive response to Olive's column," states Rob Dean, Managing Editor, "and since she is new to our city, we felt it was important to personally introduce her to the community."

"The Inner Bottom Line" has created quite a buzz throughout Santa Fe during the six months since it began in first run. Olive experiences this enthusiasm and appreciation daily wherever she travels in the state and reveals, "It's not uncommon for a stranger to approach me in a restaurant, a store, even the supermarket and tell me not only how much they read and love the column, but also to ask me for help with a problem or dilemma they've personally been wrestling with in their life!"

The event is an opportunity to meet Olive up close and personal on Wednesday morning, April 24, 2003 at 9:00 AM at Hotel Santa Fe. After an introduction by Rob Dean, Olive will offer a few words on "Taking Back Control of Your Life: Lost Boundaries & Responsible Power" along with some brief insights and then answer impromptu questions about personal choices and ethical dilemmas. To attend, please contact Gloria Minarik at 505 466-9200.

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