No. 033-PB-02 Contact: Julia Botts

Personal Best® Announces Expansion & Relocation of Company
Ethics Consultancy Opens Additional Offices in New Mexico

SANTA FE, New Mexico……Olive Gallagher, a respected pioneer in ethical communications and personal responsibility, announced today the opening of Personal Best’s new southwest headquarters.

Gallagher, the CEO of Personal Best®, decided to expand the companies operations to include the southwest after seventeen years on the West Coast with main offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Personal Best, founded by Gallagher in Los Angeles in 1985, has become an innovative leader in the field of personal ethics and accountability and has delivered lectures and speeches to numerous Fortune 1000 companies ranging from Toyota, IBM, IDG, Coldwell Banker, P&G, Pacific Bell, and PG&E to Avon, Tri Star Pictures, Patelco, Rockwell International and Executive Life Insurance.

“California has been very good to us,” said Gallagher. “The media and general communities have been generous with their interest and support from the beginning. But moving from one of the wealthiest states in this country to one of the poorest is going to offer us fascinating and challenging new opportunities and perspectives for our work in personal ethics, choices and boundary setting.”

Gallagher’s column, “The Inner Bottom Line”™, with a large, loyal readership, is based on the award-winning television series on ethics and personal responsibility that she first created and produced in Los Angeles in 1988. It was first introduced into print in the Silicon Valley in 1997 and entered syndication on in 2000.

After years of rehabilitation from a serious spinal injury suffered in 1996, Gallagher has now resumed nearly full responsibilities with clients and in the media.

Energized and excited about her innovative work and the enthusiastic support her reading public continues to provide her with everyday, Gallagher is confident that America has never needed a voice to speak out on accountability and boundaries as much as it does today. She still continues to receive feedback and letters in response to her extraordinary column about the events of September 11th.

For more information on Personal Best or Ms. Gallagher’s availability for speeches and media appearances, please contact 323-836-5604.